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Once you have decided to become a coach, it can be challenging to find the best certification program. With over 500 certification programs being offered in the U.S. alone, how do you discern which one is the right for you? To help you evaluate your options, we’ve prepared a list of questions designed to help you make the most informed decision.

Below you’ll learn the key factors to consider when looking into a coaching certification program.
You’ll also gain valuable insight into NAP Coaching Academy’s Certification program and what makes its philosophy, curriculum, and approach unparalleled in the industry!

10 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Coaching
Certification Program

  1. What is the certification program’s underlying philosophy?
  2. How does the program deliver training?
  3. Does the certification offer specialized training?
  4. Does the program provide business development training to help you build your practice?
  5. What is its reputation and track record?
  6. Who are the instructors and what is their background?
  7. How long will it take to complete the program?
  8. What is included in the course curriculum?
  9. What type of certification will you have when you graduate?
  10. Do they give you a turnkey solution?

Why Are More People Choosing NAP Coaching Academy?

Become Part of the New Generation of Elite Coaches Who Are Elevating Human Potential One Person At A Time.

What Makes NAP Coaching Academy’s Certification Program Unique?

Our curriculum merges the leading advances in neuroscience and self-image psychology with field-tested, proven transformational techniques and best practices along with foundational business and marketing methodologies, providing the most comprehensive training in the industry. One of the most unique aspects of our program is that we offer dual certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Associative Programming (NAP), our proprietary tool, along with a 3-year strategic plan for building or expanding your coaching business. As a result, we’ve helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses benefit from the guidance provided by our Elite Coaches.

  • 32 face-to-face live training sessions
  • (2) 30 Hour Immersive Weekend Trainings
  • 350+ hours of study over the span of 12 monthsBusiness development and marketing strategies designed to support the growth of your new practice
  • 3 Year Strategic Plan to execute and grow your business
  • 12 months of one-to-one skill development with a mentor coach
  • 12 months of daily group support via online messaging
  • 2 Strategy Sessions to help defining your coaching specialty with NAP Coaching Academy Master Trainers
  • Flexible learning through a secure online membership site, educational videos, downloadable resource guides, rotating “buddy system” and assignments implementing skills through field experience
  • One-to-one peer coaching, group coaching, mentor coaching (“live” supervised skill development), case studies, alumni support and success coaching
  • Unlimited access to NAP Coaching Academy’s Coach Community Network
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to NAP Coaching Academy Community network and online Practitioner’s Membership Site.
How Do You Want to Help Others?

At NAP Coaching Academy, you can select the type of coach you want to be, allowing you to make use of your unique talents and serve others in the way you want to. NAP Coaching Academy’s specialization options give you the freedom to follow the path that you’re most passionate about.

  • Transformational Coaching
  • Peak Performance Coaching
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Professional Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
Our Unique Approach

Founded in its superlative principles and philosophies, NAP Coaching Academy has developed a comprehensive, cutting edge program that’s redefining the coaching certification industry that has proven to help individuals launch tremendously successful coaching careers.

Comprehensive Program
  • Intensive 12-month training course
  • 350+ hours of education
  • Live coaching demonstrations and interactive exercises
Optimized to Fit Your Needs
  • Learn through a mix of online, in-person and live training modules
  • Choose your field of specialty
  • Financing available

Proven Coaching Methodology

  • Based on over 50 years of combined research and real world-tested strategies and methodologies
  • Our unique NAP Diamond™ and SmartNAP™ framework create a proven formula for lasting transformation
  • Creates immeasurable results FAST
  • Our program includes business and marketing development designed to help you create a 3 year strategic plan to begin your own practice or bring this framework into any organization

Take the first step towards a career you’ll love.

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80% of the course is taught online. Learn from anywhere in the world and much of it around YOUR schedule!

New Graduates have earned as much as $45,000 in a month before the program ended as a N.A.P. & N.L.P. Practitioner, putting them in the financial bracket of a “Professional Income”.

No Prerequisites. Anyone passionate about making a difference and helping people can apply to become an elite coach.

Gain the skill set of the top 1% of coaches in 12 months.

Make the change first for you, then for others.

What Our Change Agents Say:

NAP Coaching Academy?




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